Are you having these digestive issues?

What are Digestive Enzymes?

Digestive Enzymes are enzymes that are produced into the gut to break down the food that we eat, releasing nutrients that are absorbed into the blood stream, providing energy, cell growth and cell repair.

  • Enzymes also assist in eliminating what cannot be used or adsorbed. Without enzymes, food would just sit in our gut and slowly rot.
  • Enzymes fall into the following general categories: lipase, that break down fats, amylase handles carbohydrates and protease that work on proteins.

The need for digestive support.

The case for taking supplemental enzymes is clearly one that should be taken seriously. Raw foods contain the enzymes to digest it, however, most of us are not on a raw food diet.

  • When our food is cooked, the enzymes contained in the food are destroyed and our body has to produces its’s own enzymes in order to digest our food. Consequently, this puts stress on our digestive system, especially since most of us consume more processed foods and meals high in calories and fat.

Digestive enzyme supplements help us digest our meals more efficiently and provide a better delivery of the nutrients to our body. Enzyme supplements have been clinically proven to reduce the effects of bloating, gas, occasional heart burn, acid reflux and constipation.

  • Digestive enzymes supplements have much broader benefits, than just digestive related discomfort, they help support our immune system and increase our enzyme levels. Our immune system works more effectively when there is a high level of digestive enzymes.
  • The research on digestive enzymes is growing daily and many studies on digestive enzymes can be found in well-known journals, such as the American Journal of Digestive Disease and Nutrition, the International Journal of Oncology and the International Journal of Immunotherapy.

The Age Factor

The undeniable fact is that we are getting older every day and the reality of this fact is our bodies produce less total enzymes, including digestive enzymes. Just like everything else in our bodies- our eyes, heart and other organs all show a reduction in function over time.

  • Studies have shown that the same holds true for our enzyme making organs. In fact, by the age of 50 we are probably making half the amount we did when we were younger. As a result, we may not be digesting and absorbing all the nutrients we need as we age, thus lowering our immune fighting capacity and actually hastening the aging process.


Our lifestyle, also play a major role in how our digestive process, function. Poor dietary habits require excessive amounts of enzymes to digest such foods. This puts stress on our digestive mechanism, making it work harder to perform the normal digestive function.

  • Pollution from the environment causes damage to our cells and this requires ongoing assistance from digestive enzymes in order to maintain a healthy immune system. The process of everyday living causes our bodies to use up enzymes that must be replaced, if we are to maintain the healthy, active lifestyle that we should have.
  • The age factor and lifestyle are really compelling reasons why we should use supplemental digestive enzymes to help support our digestion, improve our overall health and to bring our systems into balance.

Let us face it, we live in a fast paced society and many times we have to eat “on the run” and we do not always make the most-healthy decisions about the foods that we eat. The truth is, when we do not eat healthy our digestive organs have to work overtime, producing digestive enzymes to digest foods that really have no digestive enzymes in them.

  • Even when we eat the foods that are supposed to be healthy for us, the enzyme content is diminished, because the soil these foods are grown in, are over use and the mineral content is minute.
  • Also, the pesticides that are used in the growing process reduce the enzymes in our foods.

What is acid reflux/”common acid reflux”?

Acid reflux is caused by gas pushing partially digestive food upward through the esophagus toward the back of the throat. As a result, there is an acid burning taste in the esophagus and in the throat that causes considerable discomfort. This mainly happens, as we get older.

Heartburn defined.

Heartburn happens when your stomach produces too much acid during the digestive process. This excess stomach acid moves up into the esophagus, causing discomfort. Heartburn is usually caused by diet, lifestyle changes and the aging process.

What is bloating?

Bloating is a feeling of the abdomen being full and tight and is usually accompanied by gas. Bloating is a sign that food is not being digested correctly by the body.


Constipation is a change in normal bowel movement, which is evident by going less frequent than usual, passing dry hard stool or straining when you go to defecate. Un-digestive food can increase the problems of constipation.


Fermented Greens Supreme Food is the ideal product that anyone who is having any digestive issues should consider. Fermented foods, increases the bioavailability of the nutrients in foods making them easier to digest and increases the number of good bacteria consumed. The health and balance of your gut, or the microenvironment of the digestive tract, is enhanced and strengthened by fermented foods.

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